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Let's chat movement, mindset, & mother-nature

Getting in the best shape of your life mentally and physically should be one of the most empowering and enjoyable processes you ever go through.... 


What if you can? Well, I'll leave it up to you to let that reality sink in. 


We were born to move, to breathe (properly), to have community and support, but for most of us - our every-day environment sets us up for failure. Now we have to work a little (or a lot) harder to incorporate movement into our day, to develop a positive mindset, to choose the right nutrition, and to just live more closely to the way nature intended. 

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If you're ready to step it up, make your life more extraordinary, and start working towards the best version of you - I am devoted to making that a reality. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, lose weight and eat better, improve your sporting performance, be part of a like-minded supportive community, or just increase your overall wellbeing, together you and I can develop a plan and programme to ensure you reach your goals and beyond. 

Friends in Nature

If you feel like this is something you've been trying to achieve on your own and are now ready to seek some extra support, let's have a chat. Scroll on down to see training options, and be sure to join my mailing list for new services and health inspiration added regularly.


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As a qualified personal trainer, I offer a wide range of services and training styles using the natural environment, functional movements and equipment. Choose from an array of existing training options in our Book Online section, or Contact Me today for further queries or unique aspirations.

Cross Fit Class

Supportive and uplifting group sessions in inspirational locations. Come with friends, or leave having made new ones. 

What better way to train than with a friend or three! Motivate each other to make each session, and challenge each other throughout. A nice balance between 1 -on -1 and group classes. 

Sit Ups

The ultimate way to reach your goals - FAST! The focus is on you, and with a tailor made programme and plan designed to meet your specific goals - we'll be on track to success from day one.  

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have To Say

When I started my training with Nicki. I was unhappy mentally and physically. I had gained weight and was sitting at 96.5 kgs, my blood pressure was high and overall I felt sluggish doing day to day activities. Six weeks later, and after some blood, sweat and tears, I weighed 92.5 kgs, my blood pressure had reduced to being within a normal range for my age and size, and the tests that I had done in my initial appraisal all saw significant gains. Starting my training with Nicki has set me up to reach my goals and live a happy and healthy life.

Patrick McGill

I first contacted Nicki to help with running a half marathon. Having not done anything like this before I had found another programme online but about a month in to my training I injured my calf and had to stop. I was looking like pulling pin, but instead I got some physiotherapy and contacted Nicki. She helped me get back on track and I managed to complete the half marathon! Next stop - completing a full marathon, which I now have a comprehensive training plan for thanks to Nicki and a great grounding from my previous experience.

Matilda Grace

As I have aged I have had real trouble with my Fibromyalgia. Exercise is a real balancing act - not too little, not too much. Nicki has got me on a training schedule that has really benefited my overall health and sleeping patterns. I am able to manage the Fibromyalgia better and as my fitness improves I am able to live a much more normal life - which for me is the main thing as I felt like I was on a slippery slope heading the wrong way. Thanks Nicki, these sessions have changed my life for the better!

Lynette Turnball

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