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Back on Track Personal Training Package

A 12 week plan to get you back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Includes 1x PT session a week.

    Service Description

    If you're feeling unmotivated, sluggish, low on energy, unfit, and in need of a healthy shake-up, then read on! This package includes one personal training session per week (online or in-person) and all the tools for success. You know what you have in mind. Maybe its weight loss, increased fitness, tone and strength. Perhaps you want more energy to run around with the kids, or to take part in an event. Or maybe you just want to be able to do all the activities you used to do and feel great doing them again. You've been trying to get there on your own, but it's just not happening. This 12 week package is designed to give you structure, guidance, and motivation for achieving your goals, with trainer support and accountability the whole way through. Think of me as your friend in fitness, and in health. With the right guidance and accountability - you CAN achieve your goals. I use a simple and realistic system to set and achieve targets you've been struggling to reach on your own. Here is what's included: + 1 x Goal setting workshop + 1 x Personal training session a week + 2 x Personalised fitness plans (6 week apart) + 2 x Personalised fitness programmes (6 weeks apart) + 4 x Goal tracking check-ins (at week 3, 6, 9 and 12) + 2 x Progress reports (week 6 and 12) + Daily accountability check-in's with your trainer + 1 - 2 Nutritional reviews, and advice for new healthy habits + "Try This!" plant-based meal planner + Weekly mindset or habit change challenges + Includes initial 1 hour consultation This package is ideal for the person who has done some training before, and needs minimal support (PT days) to keep up with their plan. You will get one 1-on-1 days a week with me, and for the rest of the time you are training on your own with your plan & programme to guide you (and accountability check-ins to keep you honest). If you think you will need more support than this, then step up to the "Balance" or "Ultimate" package. The Back on Track Package is just $97 p/w online, or $117 p/w in person.

    Contact Details

    +6427 215 6125

    Pumpkin Hill, New Zealand

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